Personas will not give you an answer. Everybody knows the answer. It’s 42. What everybody doesn’t know are the parameters and the calculus. We at Personas will provide calculus to your parameters, function to your arguments, vocals to your baseline, lyrics to your instrumental... And only together we will find the path that leads to the ultimate answer.

About Us

Personas are constantly evolving developers’ house full of ambition, vision, know-how and creativity. Our development and design departments gathers professionals from respective fields and this symbiosis allows Personas to achieve greatness in fulfilling clients’ needs. Personas’ aim is to establish itself among most innovative and creative production companies in the world that provide web solutions. Having offices in London and Oslo makes Personas a hub that gathers and nurtures talents from all over the world. We can show you the way if you need new website to be designed and developed, if you want to open an on-line shop, if you need hosting services for your website or database, if you want to bombard your clients with custom corporate e-mails, if you need web application to be designed and developed, and finally we can design, develop and deliver every item from digital to print that forms and shapes your corporate identity.

Hotel Joan Miro

Website for Joan Miro Hotel

Joan Miro Museum Hotel is located in Balearic-Island - Palma, Spain. Joan Miro Museum Hotel is a part of hotel chain managed by the Morgana Group. The Morgana Group has hotels in Balearic Islands, Spain and in Medelin, Colombia. The company is expanding and are acquiring hotels every year. Hotel Miro is a unique hotel that combines an accommodation as well as the exposition of Joan Miro, widely acknowledged XX century surrealism, fauvism and cubism artist, works. 

Main requirement from Morgana Group was that website for Joan Miro Museum Hotel has to comply with Joan Miro association regulations.Personas designed and developed website from scratch. Website was developed with Umbraco content management system, Jqeury and LESS CSS extension. Another added feature by our team of developers was third party booking engine integration which directs one to the booking platform.


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Millennial Dialogue

Info-graphic site for millennials

Foundation for European Progressive Studies have commissioned Personas to develop a website for the Millennial Dialogue project. The aims of this pioneering research project were to apply new ‘connected research’ technologies to the engagement and understanding of millennials, across the democratic world.

Personas’ team of developers built this website using C Sharp multi-paradigm programming language, .Net cross platform development tool and Umbraco content management system.

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Hotel Poblado Suites

Website for Hotel Poblado Suites

Hotel Poblado Suites is a business hotel owned by the Morgana Group, that owns hotels in different parts of the world and expanding. Hotel Poblado Suites is situated in Medellin, Colombia. The area that attracts tourists from all over the world for business, shopping and leisure.

Website for Hotel Poblado Suites was commissioned by Morgana Group to be designed and developed from scratch. Our team of developers developed this website for Hotel Poblado Suites using Umbraco content management system. This website has integrated third party booking system, that allows one to be directed straight to the booking platform.


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Web Site Development

Websites are windows through which you can send your message to the whole world. Personas can make that window template based and simple, or make them from scratch with sophisticated content management systems and APIs, but nevertheless easy maintainable. 



Effective E-commerce store is essential if you want to reach potential customer from the building across the street to the suburbs of Auckland. Personas will gladly help you reach all those customers from Nuuk to Hobart by building your E-commerce website with various plug-ins or on Shopify platform.

E-mail Campaigning

Some client relationships requires channel of communication. In this case Personas are offering you to design, build and execute Email campaign simply to let the people know that you are out there extending your courtesy. 

Web Application Development

For those who want to elevate their business to the level that matches the trends of twenty first century Personas can design and develop web application that suits the needs of our highly esteemed clientele.


Mobile Application Development

It’s not a news to anyone that people are spending ridiculous amount of time on their mobile phones and most of that time with mobile applications. Personas can help you to reach all those users by developing applications for mobile platforms.

Oracle Database Development

Some companies are using Oracle database. Personas hubs high caliber Oracle database developer that can offer database administration, PL/SQL, Apex development and ETL.



If your company needs to boost or design and build new corporate identity, we at Personas can help you with that. Any item of design from print to digital will be orchestrated by the needs and wishes of the client to the perfection and delivered.

Daily Bored Panda

These 30 Pics Show How Dystopic Our Society Already Is, And It’s Pretty Terrifying (New Pics)

While we may imagine a dystopian future of thought police, killer robots and nuclear fallout, the reality is much more boring. Instead of being brutally brainwashed and enslaved by fascist, authoritarian regimes we have willingly enslaved ourselves, meekly allowing the top 1% to get exponentially richer while we drown in a sea of debts, tech, advertising, endless wars, environmental destruction, addictions, depression... the list goes on.

These 30 Pics Show How Dystopic Our Society Already Is, And It’s Pretty Terrifying (New Pics)

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